One of my favorite things to cook and produce are pickles .. Those of you who know me I really really like to pickle.
When I was growing up, not gonna tell a story about how I was five and cooking with my mom or grandmother, but rather I did really love eating dill pickles fresh from the Saturday farmers market in downtown Linköping.
So now my love for he made pickles have never faded but lately increased to a level I have never been at before .
I am fortunate enough to deal and work closely with RED MOON FARM in van TX. Their cucumber are absolutely amazing as are their heirloom tomatoes.
This pickle recipe is one that I use all the time and it is from my Executive chef Jason Weaver. Truly a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable chef whom I also call my friend.
But I add some mustard seed and horseradish as well , sorta kinda makes it my pickle recipe….just kidding chef Jason!!
This is what you need
Kosher salt
Rub the cucumbers with salt and make sure they are covered with salt but not completely submerged . Let sit over night.
Next day you will need to do this :
Wash cucumbers and place standing up in a mason jar with enough room at the top of the jar to keep them submerged in pickling liquid .
2 parts vinegar with
1 part water and
1 part sugar
Bring this to a boil
Pour the hot boiling pickling liquid over the cucumbers and ensure they are completely submerged in liquid. I like to add a teaspoon of fresh grated horse radish or a teaspoon of mustard seed or both to the jar prior to adding the liquid. Place a lid on the jar and tighten and let cool. I have also pickled green tomatoes, chilies and cabbage also cherry tomatoes using this recipe .These pickles will be ready in about three days and if needed they will last for about two weeks but that is highly unlikely … That’s how good they are!!
Thanks Chef!!!





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