The grass is not always greener , but you got to try to find out

I have always wanted to move on up and forward and sometimes this comes at a very big risk and cost.

The grass might seem as if it is greener on the other side but it might not be at all ,as a matter of fact it might just be the very same or worse just a hallucination.

I had reached and made just such a decision a little while back and it sure did backfire on me pretty quickly. I have come to realize that the creativity part varies hugely depending on your managers and employees . The sistine chapel was not built in one day but it was but with creativity and skill. Sometimes we forget that those attributes are right in front of us staring at us and it is taken for granted, because the grass is greener on the other side.

What I learned from leaving a great job for a not so great job is to not be hasty and really think it through before I make any decision. Great hours and less of everything might not always be the best fit even if it seems like that is just so.

My trade requires a constant evolution of your self and skills in order to avoid becoming stale and un interested in the job.

I am painfully aware of this now.

I have now realized the grass is in fact not greener on the other side at all…it just appears that way.



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