Texas Spice..Thank you

Today is my last day at a place I never thought I would be part of.

I started thinking about it a few days ago and all the things I have been part of and created. It has been a roller coaster ride indeed with many ups and a fair share of downs.

I have been able to create something bigger than me here ..an identity for the restaurant and a local loyal following…how cool is that?.

I have made so many friends that I know will be my friends for life. I have so many memories that I would have to sit down for years to write them all down, a few really stick out. Like the day we received a 220# Warsaw grouper, it was tough as boots but holy cow it was big. Or the day we received our first quarter cow,that was painful and heavy. I will never forget the Barracudas we purchased, or the day I sous vide cow tongue and it tasted magnificent. Texas Spice has been a place of many firsts for me, first time pickling water melon, breaking down whole pigs , trying to hang 300# quarter cow in the cooler, fish I have never heard of or seen, pickling more vegetables and fermenting them , making hot sauces ( I don’t even eat hot sauce) simply amazing produce, smoking salmon and making that really good, develop my own recipes for chorizo and summer sausages. On one of my very first days of working in Texas Spice my good friend Jason Weaver who was the Executive Chef at the time passed a very very hot skillet to me and forgot to tell me it was just out of the oven, I grabbed it and immediately dropped it saying a few choice words quietly. To make it even more memorable Jason was standing next to the GM at the time and they both had a good laugh about it and still do I am sure. I laugh at it as well…now. Or the time when we were supposed to be very slow over the 4th of July weekend and we were not and we sank faster than the titanic, we had VIP tables requesting special menus and a full restaurant that just filled up out of nowhere and my restaurant manager , Teddy James , became everything that evening ,server food runner expo , while I tended to the VIP table meaning I became a server order taker and food runner as well. But we made it happen and now it is a distant fun memory. We opened the restaurant the next day as if nothing happened. Texas Spice is now humming along and no matter what happens it will open at 0600 for breakfast. Or the very first new years in 2011/2012 where I opened and worked until 8 pm and went home only to come back at 3 am new years day and just get buried in pre orders from room service all day long. I have never seen anything like that before ..now I have and I am a better Chef for it and not afraid of that volume of business.

But at the end of it all the staff is what I will always remember most , with out the people I worked with be it in front of house , back of house, different departments irrelevant where they worked and to many to mention by name, with them it is just an empty building with stuff in it. It is the people that matter they all have help-ed shape me in to the chef I am today. Jason Weaver,Donald Chalko, Enrique Chavez , Eddie Springfield , Dimitris Vagenas, Cory Garrison, Carolyn Dent,Otto & Leslie Reynolds. I can go on and on but they have made me better at what I do . You will all be missed!!

I am truly humbled to have been part of something so big and extraordinary like Texas Spice . To think I had a part in creating what it is today makes me proud and humbled.

Texas Spice…you will be missed!

Thank you for everything.



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