The thrill of creating

As many chef would agree the one thing that is the absolute best is the creativity part. I know no other business that allows for so much creativity as the culinary world. The creations impacts so many people on every level from the chef making it , the sous or cook watching and learning and of course the guest. The thrill that comes with a creation is refreshing ,inspiring and wants you to create more and not stop. I love when an idea works and even if it is just one out of a hundred it is still a win in my book.

I had 3 pounds of fresh cayenne peppers in my cooler that were delivered from my friends at Red moon farm, all organic and really nice looking. So I have been on a kick of pickling and preserving and making hot sauces so naturally when I see peppers like this my first thoughts were …lets make hot sauce. So I did. I always make a very basic recipe first and try to see how it works and then expand on it. I have several basic hot sauces I have made previously and they worked really well so I was thinking of making smoked fermented cayenne pepper hot sauce. Letting it ferment for 90 days in the dark should do it.

This is how I made this one

3# cayenne peppers

1 ounce sea salt

1 can chipotle peppers in adobo

0.5 # guajillo peppers

2 cups of water from soaking the guajillo peppers

Pull the top part of the guajillo pepper off and remove seeds as may as possible , does not have to be all of them. Place t hem in a container and pour boiling hot water over and let soak for twenty minutes.

In a high speed blender purée the cayenne peppers with salt and the can of chipotle and pour in to a separate container until all peppers have been puréed. After the guajillo have soaked for twenty minutes they should be limp as wet paper and soft ,purée them as well using two cups of liquid from soaking …just make sure they are at room temperature .

Using a spoon mix everything together and pour mixture in to a glass jar and using a large ziplock bag that’s placed on top of mixture filled with a little bit of water to act as a lid . Place the jar in a dark area on a tray and in room temperature and wait for 90 days for the ferment to really work.

After 90 days this is what I will do.

Place the pepper mix in high speed blender and blend for 5 minutes or so. The sauce should now be ready for use and have a wonderful tangy smoky flavor…but I have to wait for 90 days….I will update in November at some point…


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