Cooking food…I really like it

I have been working in kitchens since I was 15 and thats when I started culinary school.

I had no idea it would take me to where I have been and what I have been doing all this time. I used to be a very quiet and cautious when I was living in Sweden, then something happened and I got all grown up real fast. For good and bad. I personally have no regrets at all but my career and  the choices I have made along the way is one helluva ride, and it is still going. I am very proud of my achievements.

I meet young cooks who wants to travel and learn and see more of the world. I got only one thing to say …just do it. There is nothing to loose by letting go of where you are now and move somewhere else be it across the country or across the globe.

I have met so many wonderful people and some of which I am still in contact with today ,thanks to facebook and other social media outlets. Moving from city to city and country to country has made me stronger mentally , tougher and not afraid, I don’t have to be now. I used to be petrified of making mistakes and messing up food in front of my chefs and coworkers but not any more. I am at a place cooking wise where I am comfortable in creating something new different and to me very unique foods ,some good and some not so good.

I had some very dear friends of mine come in for dinner with some family members of theirs and they put the trust in me to cook and create fro them. I take pride in the fact that they trust my skills and abilities to cook not only for them but for the extended family as well.

They have some specific needs but nothing complicated and it gave me an opportunity to create some very nice dishes .

I had just received some extraordinary good looking hog snapper out of the gun which I paired with jicama, cilantro and fennel slaw I added some house made Fresno tabasco for pop ,color and power on the plate. The result was spectacular.

Then I had some beef tenderloins and some brisket just out of the smoker that I chopped up and sautéed with some caramelized red onions, shrimp and fresh made chimmichurri.  Instead of potatoes .I added some fresh organic egg plant which was roasted with some balsamic vinegar. The result was in my opinion very memorable.

To be able to create and make these kind of dishes is for me what it is all about and I am proud of what I have achieved and thank my friends for allowing me to do just that…cook good food ..I really like that.


Hog snapper


Roasted hog snapper, jicama, cilantro fennel slaw


Beef tenderloin, smoked brisket hash,roasted egg plant,chimmichurri


Organic eggplant, to bad the colors disappear when you cook it..





One thought on “Cooking food…I really like it

  1. lesli

    i am honored you refer to us as ‘good friends’ and i must say EVERY morsel was a decadent burst of flavor and delicious! it was a memory my family will always cherish. thank you!


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