Ohhh please stop…

I just finished reading yet another article or open letter explaining to the uninitiated about the dangers and the hard work that goes into being a chef or a cook.

I know that it is tough job and like President Kennedy said “we don’t do it because it is easy …we do it because it is hard”.

I just wish that the people writing these open letters and articles about how hard it is to be a chef should just plain stop and stop having the poor me syndrome. I have yet to find an open letter from a fireman or police office or soldier that writes about how hard their job is.

Cooking food in a hectic environment is hard and there is not enough coffee to go around to sustain this lifestyle for a lifetime of working in this industry. I just think that the “rock n roll” stamp that Chefs have nowadays has gone a bit too far and personally believe we are just a hardworking bunch of people who don’t want your sympathy for doing what we do. I mean I have cut my self and burned my self so bad that I needed hospital visits for that ..I don’t want sympathy for that. I get the idea that we should shine a light on an industry that touches everybody in some way daily and the people working in it. Just drop the poor me syndrome and just respect the job for what it is …back breaking and sometimes downright dangerous.

When I read the open letter written by a supposedly famous Chef my stomach turned. How desperate does one have to be for attention? It is just a job, a highly satisfactory job , but in the end I go home just like everybody else who is working. I know I will never be a millionaire by working as a chef and  never set out to become one either but I will never seek your sympathy for working hard or working on your birthday, Christmas, new years ,thanks giving  or any other major personal event that is a choice I made and one that I am happy with.

So please stop with the poor me syndrome and ragging that stuf on everybody else,just respect what we do daily and move on. We as chefs are no better than any other manual labor job out there and I despise those who seek fame based on a profession that simply just deserves respect..I don’t care about how hard or how long or how many burns, cuts or bruises you have as a chef..you can always leave the business.

However if you are unsure about what to do I would not recommend working in a kitchen because it is hard work and very stressful and that’s the truth. You have to work many years in order to progress but that same idea applies to any job you do.

Stop romanticizing the Chef profession, just respect it and stop writing articles about how hard it is to do…we all know it is.


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