A new year

With the end of 2015 that came to fast here is to a great new year with fresh insights and some recipes and predictions..

I really do hope that the next diet fad that comes along is a reasonable one and one that works without making it really hard for “normal” people to have the diet they need. I am of course referring to the gluten free craze that dominated a lot of diets in 2015 and ruined it for people with celiac disease. All the ignorance the it brought and the sometimes lackadaisical attitude towards a gluten free diet made it very hard for a chef to work and serve gluten free food. Very hard. Now some will say we have to serve what the guest wants/needs and that is true but if you go to a pizza place and expect to have a 100% gluten free pizza/meal..are you kidding me. This has made it so hard for people who have gluten intolerance since a lot of kitchens have become less “gluten free” clean. It is really hard ,doable but hard and not a fair expectation from the guests. I have learned to read labels ..and that’s good.

I have promised my self to write more on this site and learn to write better blogs. I do like to write and share my opinions of which I have many.

I am going to expand my social media reach and publish more.

Exercise. We all say it, we all mean it, few are still doing at the end of January…I intend to be doing it for my health. I will succeed.

As some might know I write for a site in Sweden http://www.dinvinguide.se and I intend to keep writing there as well and I enjoy doing that as well. Great site run by some really great people whats not to like about that.

I have a few plans that I want to achieve and accomplish for the restaurant where I work. Tighten my connections with all my vendors. Work more closely with all my farmers who deliver products to me. I want to create more breakfast, lunch and dinner specials and align the restaurant to its true roots which is farm to table . Making sure each and everyone of my guests are aware of what we are and do as a restaurant.

It is going to be a great year , an interesting year , a productive year and last but not least a very fun and exciting year.

I cant wait to get started…





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