The change

It has always been said that change is good and yes it is true…to a certain degree..for some it is the most gratifying thing that could possibly happen and for some the most devastating thing that could happen. We can all relate and I am sure that you all agree.

I think changes are a necessity for growth and if you go with it life becomes easier ,accept it and embrace it ,but fight it and life becomes misery and for what it is worth you could loose everything you have been working for your whole career .

I have experienced many changes in my life and I am positive there will be many more and I have learned the hard way to go with the flow,in the end I am not always right and I have to learn just that in order to progress not only in my chosen field of culinary but also in my private life.

Change is inevitable, change will always be there and change will always happen. It is how you deal with it that will shape who you are and what you do with the rest of the day ,week,month and years.

I hope you all agree, change is good, change is for the better, change will drive success ,change will make you better..but you have to be willing to change your ways as well.


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