The chef coat

When I put on my chef coat in the morning I do so with immense pride and satisfaction. Why?
Because it looks good? Yes that is true but that’s not the reason.
The chef coat means something, it stands for something.
It means I have a trade , a craft , a skill in an art form. A trade a lot of people look up to and admire , I most certainly do.

The top chefs in the world are some of the most gifted people you will ever meet. As a matter of fact any executive chef have skills that are envied by many , wanted by many and has taken years to achieve .

Not just anyone can be a true executive chef a lot of people claim the title but does not live up to it , they just have a name on a coat and some fancy colors and have seen a lot of cooking shows.

When the chef coat comes on the person in it changes, he is now not one of many but rather one who is admired and respected , he has worked the long hard hours and learned the skills needed to get to wear the coat with pride!.

I don’t expect respect because of my coat , I earn respect by working at my craft in my chef coat , yes it has my name on it and yes it is made of Egyptian cotton ( it is really comfortable by the way) while wearing it I am somebody completely different then when I am not , I am someone who is respected for my skills and someone who has to make the decisions needed ,someone who becomes a confidant ,a leader ,a mentor ,a helper , a fixer of a lot of things, a mender , a doctor , a psychologist and so on.

It pains me when I see some of our newer cooks treat their cooks coats as if it is a cleaning apparel for hands , knives ,or as a towel to wipe whatever is in front of them ” gotta show I work hard!” No it only shows they are working dirty and no I do not want you to cook my food looking like that, covered from head to toe in s$&t.

I wish for all new culinarians to learn to respect the cooks coat they wear from the get go. After all they have spent a lot of time , effort and money to wear it. It is not a fashionable apparel at all it is a Chef coat!!



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