Farm to table…

We are a farm to table restaurant ,we grow our own tomato and lots of fresh basil.So this year we have so much fresh herbs and the love between basil and tomato is timeless and needs no introduction…Add mozzarella to the mix and you know it is summer…When we have a lot of vegetables , what better way to save the summer than to pickle.

Pickling of cucumbers is a must…these are simple salt brine cucumber with dill…dill just brings summer out so much more in food,garnish with fresh basil,simple and easy on the eye.
We also pickle cauliflower ,okra and asparagus and show them all off at once.We have so much basil that this summer will last for a long time…we made basil oil.Our farm to table setting and decor..all is edible ,does not get more farm to table than that!








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