The perfect employee

Does this person even exist ? Who is this elusive charachter and why is it so hard to find them?
The simple answer would be that they dont exist…and that’s why it is so hard to find them.

I personally think it would be quite bizarre if they did exist. Ask anyone if they have the perfect employee and they probably would say no …but I have this one person that comes close!. I have that too in my kitchen where I work. This brings me to the dynamics of any team working together and even more so in a kitchen where literally you have to work next to someone more than you see your significant other.

What I have learned is that you are only as good as your weakest link and there is no such thing as the perfect cook/chef/souschef/Executive chef etc..but there are some that come pretty darn close see even me admit that too. We are always told that in order to get better you have to train train train and hopefully your associates will become better at what they do but that only works if they are a good fit for your team and that will only make your team close to perfect.
If the new associate is not a good fit it does not matter how much you train train train it will not get better or any closer to creating the perfect employee or team.

I have many different personalities to deal with on a daily basis and they all have different needs and wishes and they all they think they are the perfect employee and why would they not think so? They might think so because the team is working as one and remove one associate and it becomes so much harder for the other ones hence that associate would think that they are the perfect one completeing that team when in actual fact it is a great personality fit for that particular team.

So when you think you have the one associate you think is the perfect employee you dont know it. It is that simple because it is noticed when a group is working together and everything goes like clockwork life is good. Life becomes really hard when one associate is missing or not working as they should because their job and duties is now placed on the others who for sure will say that the missing employee is far from perfect. As a matter of fact the team will let that person know exactly how they feel upon their return and that is far from perfect!

So it is entirely up to the manager to make sure that all the associates become the best they can be by positive encouragement and be a driving force by keeping everything in a positive environment that foster learning and creativity towards becoming the perfect employees. Sounds simple enough but sometimes it sounds simple to climb Mount Everest too.

So to answer my own question , no the perfect employee does not exist and if they did it would not be interesting to work because everything would be ,well perfect and if it always was perfect there would be no challenge , no new improvements that can be made and as a matter of fact if you think you have a perfect employee , you probably missed something somewhere in the hiring process.
We should always strive to find that perfect employee … Who knows you might succeed !! And when I do I will be sure to let all of you know and I will stand on top of mount Everest and let the whole world know as well , I will probably never succeed with either but that does not mean I will stop trying…..and by the way I am a little bit scared of heights so Mount Everest is ruled out… So the search goes on and on and on and on…..



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