The chef widow

If there is one person that gets forgotten all about in the wonderful world of cut throat culinary professionalism ,is the wife of the Chef.

They all probably have missed as many birthdays , weddings, parties and other social family gatherings as the chef him/herself. As a matter of fact they have since the chef more than likely had to work all the major and minor holidays and any other family related celebration of sorts, and who really wants to go a to party when you are married and you were invited as couple but unfortunatly your spouse has to work…

The culinary world could easily be called the widow maker because of the demands of the chef , it is a constant demand of the chef since the guest come to restaurant for an experience and to experience new and exciting foods or just having a delicious tasty meal.

So next time you go out for a meal at your favorite restaurant send a happy thought the the chefs wife as she is at home patiently waiting for his shift to be done. The chef knows and appreciates,or at least he should, the sacrifice that his wife is making daily as he works all day and night . But it is understandably very hard for the wife,it has to be. The chef sometimes takes it all for granted which he shouldnt but still does…every now and then a swift reminder about taking things for granted is delivered and it all changes. Taking the spouse for granted is never a good thing and we all need to be reminded of that, sometimes more than once a day.

I love my wife with all my heart and always will. I try not to take her for granted at all but I know that sometimes thats how she feels. Being a chef is a very demanding job albeit a satisfying job for me ..I treasure every minute we have together before and after work and the days off we get..when we get them. We both understand the demands of the business and that we chose to join it all those years ago..still loving it that will never change any way no way.

But as in anything that we chose to do some sacrifice comes with it , some are greater than others.
I also know that for me to work a “regular” monday to Friday job nine to five would not work and it would drive me to an early grave of boredom.
So I truly appreciate my wife making the sacrifices she does for me in order for me to be the best I can be at what I do…cook great awesome tasting food.
So the saying behind every strong man is an ever stronger woman is so true for me since I know I would not have the successes I have achieved so far without my wife by my side…
Like I mentioned earlier next time you are out eating that crazy good meal at your favourite restaurant send a happy thought for the chef widow waiting patiently for Chef to come home….


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