The end goal


We all have different goals in life and what we want to achieve. For some, the end goal is to make it to the end of the day.As young adults In school all we want is to finish the day, the semester and school completely.At least I did. But as I have gotten older I realize that setting goals is not a bad idea at all. I have achieved a lot of goals so far.. And have many more still to achieve. Day by day and month after month and year after year. I set reasonable goals , I am not going to be an astronaut and go to the moon but i can be over the moon for achieving a goal, but sensible goals , achievable goals. Goals that will make me better at my craft that in turn will make me better at life !. I used to laugh it off in my younger years when someone told me to set a goal…jeez thats for old people..setting goals..well here I am

I now make it a point to set a goal for my day ,week, and month and so on because doing so gives more structure in life and that in turn will give control back where it belongs,to me, and not with someone or something else. I started out thinking that I am going to have my own restuarant and do my kind of food and that is a great goal to have but not for me not now and not any more ,just not that interested in that.I hear that a lot now when I interview potential candidates for a cooks position and the “whats your goal ” question comes around it usually is answered by ” I want to have my own restaurant ” great goal by someone idealistic enough to believe it can happen but after a year or so once they see all the hard work and dedication that is needed for some reason they change their minds and have a completly different goal. Some will stil forge ahead and start their own business which is awesome.

My goal …I have many and as my life progresses an oppurtunities come and go, my goal is to be better every day ,to be recognized for what I do and to create better cooks by doing just that..setting a goal. Knowing your end goal is just as important and knowing where you want to be at a certain point in time in your life. What is the end goal really? The end goal would be to know where all the other smaller goals should take you. There will always be detour and those minor hindrances should not stop you from achieving your end goal.

So the enthusiastic cook interviewing for the first job and wanting his/her end goal to be his/her own restaurant that’s the end goal, the smaller goals should be how to get there! Not as easy as you might think. Always work hard and the formative years are the ones that shape your integrity as a cook and chef ,the work ethic should be to work harder faster better more than anyone around you. Working hard will make it easier to reach the end goal but that does not mean that it will be reached faster, only that you will be better at your craft once arrived …and then it is time to set a new goal.Is where you are now your final destination?I should hope not perhaps for the time being..but now time to set many small goals that will lead you to another end goal..and on and on and on and on and on…

The end goal..sound rather dramatic and somewhat final ,it kinda is but it isn’t, only if you want it to be. I am a firm believer now more than ever that the end goal is just a culmination of achieving many milestones and smaller goals and a start of something new that will keep it all interesting and fresh and it should act as a inspiration to want more only get out what you put having stood on my soap box and preached about reaching goals and achieving the end goal ….here goes!


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