The nerve

The nerves of a chef are very frail and without hesitation will snap at a simple hello on a really bad day.The enormous stress a chef is under on a daily basis will make a lot of other jobs seem like cakewalk.I always say that when someone completely loses it in a bad way they usually have lost all control in a situation and the only way to reign them self in is to release the anger and then feel like a complete jackass ( but no chef will ever admit to feeling like that) now over the years as you progress as a chef your learning curve gets very steep about what works and what doesn’t , yelling and screaming does not help you further your career at all. Being close to a control freak will alleviate some of the stresses because you are in control..just don’t lose the control. As a good manager you need to share your knowledge of control to the other culinarians around you otherwise life is very very complicated and your whole life will be dictated about what goes on in the kitchen if you are not there. Keep your temper in check by being in control and share that control with others and you will live to see 50 without a heart attack. A great chef will cook for anyone anytime and procure almost anything and everything but the moment the chef will have to cook for a table of his peers the nerves will become like spaghetti because all chefs knows the ins and outs and know there is nowhere to hide ,they will undoubtedly be the harshest critics since they are in the game as well and know what to look for and can easily pick you and your food apart and have you reduced to sitting in a corner shaking uncontrollably and wishing it would all end right here and now…unless you have been in complete control all the way..I would still not poke a friendly bear no matter what ,you just never know….
There are three things that will really test a chefs nerves .. A hollandaise that breaks , a soufflé that either won’t rise or is collapsing right in front of you and ignorance. Drives any chef closer to the edge.
But the one thing that is the hardest to do is to just let some things go.. There are some things that just is not worth it ignorant guests who just don’t get it is almost as if they sometimes just want to be so special that they will order the most ridiculous things and then once completed their meal they complain… That will test any chefs nerves …
I don’t think any chef loves to have a reputation as a yeller and screamer. One thing is to be passionate and in control a completely different thing is to yell and lead by intimidation , the first will lead to success the latter will successfully alienate your cooks and team. Learning to stay in control is the way to be..I learn that everyday !!



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