The Hotel


The security of having a job in a business filled with shuttered windows and broken and celebrated one day only to be gone the next , is not all that great unless you create that security for your self!. I have sometimes been scoffed at for choosing my jobs in the larger hotels around the globe but there are several reasons for my choosing to do so…I will get back to that later…
The insecure feeling of working in a establishment that might not be there the next day is something I would not want to deal with or live under that kind of pressure, sure if I was eighteen again and none the wiser ,sure no worries but now I am not that young anymore and need the security a larger hotel can offer me. Since I have not stopped learning ,never will, a large upscale four /five star hotel offer so much more. I pick up the phone and know that any vendor will do anything that they can to secure my business and they know the bill will get paid on time. The buying power in a hotel is so great and that brings the opportunity to see and cook with so many more and different vegetables meats etc… If for example I need to sample beef for a specific dish or sample various oysters or I need to see samples of gluten free breads I know that most if not all vendors would fall over each other for that kind of business..that’s a good feeling to know and have since I will be able to procure the best for my guests. In a smaller establishment that would not be so easily achieved since the volume of business just isn’t the same ..simple as that.
The flexibility the secure hotel will offer is something that is hard to find in smaller establishments since the pool of resources is far greater in a large hotel environment. I don’t know about you but I like that , a lot.
Like I mentioned earlier I have been scoffed at for only working hotels in my career but the truth to that is firstly I really don’t care what others think or say ..secondly it has and continues to offer me more of everything as in money ,learning new things ,meeting more chefs with diverse backgrounds and knowledge to share and if I for what ever reason need a new job somewhere having known names on my resume’ really helps since a hotel has to be very careful who they hire being that I am in close proximity to celebrities and millionaires if not billionaires that need security and knowing that they will not be treated in a bad way,for some reason there are idiots who want to hurt people who are famous which is disturbing in a way.
So when my resume’ lands on a HR directors desk I know that it will get looked at first vs the one from Billy who worked for the best restaurant in the next town over…at least that’s what he said. The security in knowing that is comforting. Since the job is secure the longevity follows because of the secure future of any freestanding restaurant just ain’t that great, chefs tend to stay longer at hotels be use of the ever changing challenge presented every day and that is as simple as that. I like to think that I can work towards a six figure job now at a large hotel vs an unknown figure at a free standing restaurant…my opinion only…don’t get me wrong there are many many really good free standing restaurants that are very successful for many many years …as a matter of fact one of my absolute favorite restaurants is in the big apple and have been there for decades and is world renowned …but i still would not want to work there…I just really like their food! I also like my security of my job I now have and will enjoy working at for years to come. I am not done learning and need to be able to cast a wide net that will give me the knowledge that I want to be even more successful and keep on pushing day in and out….love it


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