The lagniappe

Bakers dozen , lagniappe , amuse bouche they all are made for the same entice you to either buy more , come back to that particular restaurant or to just wet your appetite for all the good food coming your way. I personally enjoy creating that connection by personally serving my guests that little extra and see ,hopefully , that facial expression that makes the job I do every day that much easier . Sometimes however it just does not work out the way it was intended , serving meat to vegans is not a good idea at all….or serving pork to people who for what ever reason it might be do not eat pork. That aside most of our guests appreciate that little extra and why not?. There are time while under enormous pressure during a bust service where my blood runs cold when I am told ” chef we need to lagniappe this or that table” that’s when my mind goes blank for a split second and life is good! Then back to reality and the plan that was already in motion ,of course, to assemble that one little morsel that will put our name and restaurant on the culinary map,gotta dream big!! To be honest though the plan was already in motion… I think it is amazing what a little bit of thinking and some good solid culinary knowledge will create sometimes on the fly , not only by me but more so by the associates I work with,I prefer to use larger bowls for salads and smaller cast iron vessels for hot items ,the visual result is spectacular and most of the time well received,there will always be the grinch somewhere sometime unfortunatly. The hope with making these little culinary morsels is obviously to make our guests excited and perhaps a little bit intrigued about what is to come next from the kitchen.
It also creates a talking point and a connection on so many levels with our guests that should and hopefully will leave them with memories of how good the little things can be …
Tha lagniappe in all its littleness can be the one thing that separates success from failure..but most importantly is to create that special particular memory that will make our guests come back for more and when that happen we all win and owe it all to that little extra…
In the picture you will see my latest creation which is…cornbread salad with goatcheese,crabmeat,bacon bits ,arugula,pear and endive and a touch of citrus dressing ,sweet sour bitter, crunchy, salty, everything is in this little tasty lagniappe this litle morsel of simple creativity that will make our guest linger just a bit longer to savour everything ,appreciate everything and just enjoy great looking tasting food….all of this from just wanting to do what is right by our guest..that is simply awesome.



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