The dedication

Let me start by saying that dedication is something you learn, something you feel. You create your dedication in you by constantly doing what’s right when no one is watching . Some chefs and cooks are so dedicated to their chosen profession they have a need to display their works of art on their sleeves in various shapes and forms of tattoos . Rest assured ,more tattoos does not equate to a better chef it only equates to a chef with tattoos who desperately needs to show their dedication to you since tattoos on a chef must make them Bonafide certified chefs? Or it is a fashion statement, now I know I might upset a few cooks and chefs by saying what I just did but Ohhh well.Now don’t get me wrong , there are many great and very good chefs with many many tattoos who put a lot of michelin starred chefs to shame with their talent , skills and dedication. These chefs have just chosen to display their dedication to their craft by tattooing some knives , onions , whisks and so on because ….. I don’t know really .
The dedication required to be the best involves a lot of sacrifices , sacrifices at home. Sacrificing your life missing birthdays.. Weddings (not your own but forget the honeymoon) dinners with your best friends ( if you still have any)…a simple thing like going to the movies with your significant other might require a few weeks of planning , celebrating Christmas actually on Christmas Day might even take a year in planning…I know I have worked more holidays than had off but then again I chose this profession and have become very dedicated myself but the sacrifices I have made have been far outweighed by the culinary and personal successes and triumphs I have achieved .
Someone once told me that they respect anyone who makes it look easy .. In order to make it look easy you need to be dedicated to your job. No job no career simple as that. I like to think that dedication comes from loving what you do no matter what… In return for loving what you do it will be noticed and respect for your dedication will follow and that eventually translates to you becoming a better chef and that is a good feeling!!!
Dedication , I love working with dedicated chefs because they want to be successful just like me and they tend to think the same way ,sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not so good but for the most part it is very stimulating conversation that becomes inspirational and the drive to create and cook better flourishes…hopefully that rubs off on the cooks just starting out and makes them realize the dedication needed to succeed is indeed more than artfully designed tattoos and that it is a way to be ,more than skin deep …



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