The question


The one question I get asked ,not all the time but a lot is …do you cook at home? Sometimes ,yes I do ,if cooking ramen noodles or making a sandwich or eating baked beans out of the can counts as cooking at home,then yes I do ,but most of us would say that is not cooking. The one of a very few times I cook at home would be for holidays like thanksgiving or Christmas and when I do my wife likes it..a lot ….but only the food part not the amount of dirty dishes that are left after I am done cooking an  preparing a proper holiday feast….I keep forgetting that our kitchen is not a professional kitchen and not fully staffed with stewards and cooks…just me and my wife. Also when I cook at home the amounts of food prepared are slightly skewed sometimes so that means left overs left for a few days…that translates to more dishes etc… so long story short I will cook but prefer to give my advice to my wife  instead…it is just better that way. My wife is an excellent cook by the way who will make the best chicken and rice or the best migas for breakfast. In the beginning of our courtship she refused to cook for me since apparently my profession made her think twice before cooking for me…wonder why…I tried and tried asking her to cook something for me ,something really homey ,something authentic ..Sometimes you just want comfort food that just tastes right..she does that. One whiff of her chicken and rice or pot roast and I know I am in for a treat. When working in a kitchen we get spoiled by being able to eat the best ingredients and sometimes “sample” an entire meal,you will not find very many people who will tell you tell you that they don’t like lobster, caviar,tenderloin,ribeyes etc except perhaps me!! Not that I don’t appreciate the flavors and textures of the finer foods it is just that I would prefer my wife’cooking at home rather than eating something I see and cook everyday….not only that but the finer foods are not exactly cheap either! I don’t stockpile tenderloin,lobsters,oysters,ribeyes and keep in my fridge at home just in case I get hungry, because if I did I could  not afford to be working as a chef since those items are very very expensive and usually only purchased for the holidays…when I cook. I know what to look for and only want the best for my family ,but honestly though if the thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham was replaced by my wife’s chicken and rice cooked by her..I would be very very happy.


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