The respect

As you progress with working in a kitchen one thing that you immediately learn is respect. Respect for your Chef and souschefs and chef de partie and so on. For good and bad. I have always respected a chef who is above me and is my boss…you might not like your boss, but if there is no respect you end up with something close to anarchy and that in turn leads to unmotivated staff and ultimately failure on all levels. I have always believed that in order to gain the respect from your peers you need to be bigger,not in physical build  but in personality,better and have a greater culinary knowledge than those around you and you need to produce a consistent product.When you have all this abilities respect follows…scream all you want act like an imbecile and nothing happens ,but make the proper and correct decisions consistently and you’ll get the respect you deserve all the while your blood is reaching boiling point ,that is not easy but it can be achieved. I have had many of the old school chefs.where respect was demanded and that’s that. I remember one encounter where I gave some smart remark to my chef and trust me on this I have never been yelled at like that before or since . Now that I think about it I kind  laugh but those twenty plus years ago when it happened I honestly thought I lost my job… I think,no make that I know I said ” get your own towels..I am not Cinderella..” up until today I have no idea how the chef moved so fast but he was right behind me in a real hurry and let me know exactly how he felt. My ears still tingle and start ringing  a bit just thinking about it. Respect…he lost my true respect but got my fake respect,when I left that job my ears were still stinging and ringing but I had zero respect for that person..still don’t. But he did teach me one valuable lesson…how to NOT earn respect.
Respect your co workers and your boss..but never forget to respect your self. Respect the profession you have chosen. Being a chef you have to respect your products as well. It is no laughing matter to destroy fine products or not taking it seriously. As more mnemonic maturity sets in as a chef it becomes something you kinda obsess NOT to mess it up because once upon a time before it got slaughtered it was a beautiful animal ,a evolutionary phenomenon ,an intricate creation by mother nature that truly deserves your respect and almost admiration. For what we deal with daily as chefs is one of the basic fundamentals for humans ,a well prepared cooked meal, cooked with respect and dignity on all fronts. Cooked with the care it deserves. Now that’s respect..a respect I respect when shown by other chefs I respect for just being respectful.


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