The juice

Thru the years one staple that has always been part of a healthy way or believing it to be healthy is juice .There are some so called juices out there that really should be called soda pop or something but since there is a picture of a fruit on it it must be good for you.We all ,or at least a lot of us, start the day with orange juice and why not. After all it can’t be wrong to put healthy fresh liquids in your system now can it? I have always believed in several things and amongst them two stand out..simplicity and taste.The simpler you keep it the better it is, why hid the product behind a veil of mystical ingredients and stuff no one really cares for and does nothing but creates more questions and drives the end price on the check sky high. To me that’s deceiving the guest. I firmly believe that keeping it honest and real the guest will know and enjoy the food or in this case the juice a lot more. The taste ,well if it does not taste any good what the hell, no one will want it and you wasted time energy and product. In the end if the importance of taste is not understood that is very bad for business and will drive your guests away. Just because someone famous says it is might not be for the rest of us. However I am surprised In the taste of kale and will stay way I until my dying days from gourds of any kind….personal preferences .
I just started to offer freshly made juice where I work and the response is overwhelmingly positive and the simple truth To that is that it is tasty,first and foremost, honest and healthy. How bad can that be?
The orange freshly made juice you see in the picture is carrot ,green apple and a hint of jalapeño juice…tasty ,sweet with a hint of fire from the jalapeño.


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