The passion

The difference between the screaming chef and the passionate chef is very very thin.
Let’s just say what I consider passion could very easily be interpreted as a screaming chef by anyone not understanding what a chef goes thru every day. There are those who scream because that’s all they know from watching cooking shows and some of the super stars of culinary who have their cooking shows on the big networks where the expectation is that some poor cook will be reduced to tears over a rubbery cooked scallop…bit like a bully in a sandbox full of little kids if you ask me ,but for someone like me immensely entertaining!. However since ultimately we are in this business to make money and you are not making any money when mistake after mistake happens,that’s when a scream happens. When someone makes an honest mistake or a order is rung in wrong or a guest,God forbid, prefers a steak well done despite the fact we will now be serving char broiled  winter tires as an entree to the ignorant guest …jeez when you see a ticket being rung in such as that one your blood starts boiling and your blood pressure reaches spikes not known to be achieved and doctors would love to have you as a testing vehicle for blood pressure medication…that’s pure passion…because you know that’s so wrong and a great injustice is being done to the animal that was raised specifically for its great tasting meat. There are times when I wish I could either convince such a customer of all the things wrong with well done steak or politely ask them to leave. But that is just a thought. Obviously I would like to ask them to leave some sincere passion. But that would truly be a bad decision and one that could leave you without an outlet for your passion as in you could lose your job…unless you are a superstar on television where the expectation would be for.the scream to emerge followed by a rant and rave about what a clown you the real world you would lose your job faster than a speeding bullet.
There is never anything wrong with having passion for what you do ,I think it is a necessity to be successful chef to have just that. The problem is to keep that passion alive without turning in to a screamer. A lot of times the screamer screams be cause he Is passionate about what he does and when it goes slightly wrong all he knows is scream..but like I said earlier it is a very fine line ,very fine indeed.
To keep the passion alive you need to stay focused and disciplined at the task at hand and strive for excellence from your team every day..without losing control. Creating great food consistent with discipline and that little bit extra ,that little bit of passion is what truly sets the pros apart from the layman and the ones who are just not getting it will never experience what it truly means to be passionate about what you do.


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