The skill

The skills required to become a chef is just something you can not pick up at a college or other school at all. Sure you will learn the basics but that’s only going to get a are just one of many cooks at this point. Thinking you are a chef because well look at the diploma…jeez..
The one thing they don’t teach is that you have to work really hard at well just working hard. Being better faster at your prep…wanting to do more on your scheduled shift…drive yourself more and more will get you further too but what you gain from all that is a skill. That skill will never leave you it will only get stronger and stronger and your culinary dream coming closer. The skill set you achieve and the more you learn the better you get and the more money you can make it is almost as simple as that. Skilled chefs are highly sought after at all times and will always have a job ,recession or not..people still need to eat. With the skill and the more mature you get as a chef you develop one other thing you really need and that is a feeling for what you do. After all every day as a chef you create a new experience on so many levels for the guest and hard work and blood sweat and tears in all its glory will carry you all the way to the finish line but the feeling will take you across the finish line feeling like a pro every day and night. To learn this feeling you need the skill to do all the work leading up to the service of your food..make more of this ..reduce this more..more acid more salt here etc is feeling hard at work with your skill. One thing that chefs are known for is a bad temper, I know I have that, that is something that takes skill and feeling to control!!. Most of the time the chef will get mad beyond belief because not only was the concentration broken by something silly but the skill set to control the situation left or someone said something moronic (usually it is the latter) that made him loose focus on the task at hand.
The skill to be a chef…is something you learn everyday the feeling follows but no skill no feeling and all u have left is someone in a chef coat not getting it and probably wont last in the business they dreamed of fir a very long time. Being a chef is no easy task at any given time. My uncle told me if I make past 40 yrs old without being an alcoholic I won’t become one, still enjoy a glass if wine or a scotch on the Ricks every now and then but not as much as I used to. That sums up a lot of being in this business. Mind you to drink like a fish takes skill to but…
One skill I am known for is being consistent with my cooking and food. It looks the same plate after plate after plate.
The skill to be the best is deeply rooted in a hard work ethic and a drive to not stop no matter how monotonous the job sometimes can be. The job can sometimes very very if not extremely boring after all who really enjoyed peril g a couple hundred pounds of potatoes or some really nice fresh shallots anarchist happen to be a bit smaller this time, the end result is awesome but the fun in peeling the potatoes and shallots or whatever it might  be takes great skill feeling and finesse to enjoy!!


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