The job

The job of working in any professional kitchen is a story of literally blood ,sweat and tears. Blood because inevitably cuts on your hands and fingers  large and small will really bad one to let you know that your knives are as sharp as they should be! The rest is mostly because you got overconfident and lost concentration. Ask any chef to see their hands and they will show a roadmap on their hands of how and the places where they worked when they cut themself and how bad it was…almost like a badge of honor.
Sweat kinda explains itself since it can get so hot and you are so focused on what you are doing on the stove with 500f degree oven just below …it can get so hot that all of a sudden your pants truly fit you good and not so tight around the waist..after all one of the perks working in a kitchen is that you are surrounded by so much good food and you just have to try it all. But it can so hot that you question your choice of profession ,but that is just for a brief moment when your mind in a heat delusional state thinks of something other than food.
Tears…I think we have all peeled those pesky onions! But seriously though the passion that goes into what we do daily can ,when something goes seriously wrong, almost drive you to tears ,and have. Tears of anger and frustration not because the damn souffle did not rise but because you gave it all you had and it still was not enough. I have been yelled at something outstanding for stupid mistakes that I have made but trust me I don’t make those same mistakes anymore,and never shed a tear in front of my chef. Which brings me to another point about chefs..we are stubborn and sometimes more stubborn than is good for our own health. When a chef raises his voice and gets no attention or attitude back..that is not good. When a cook makes the same mistakes over and over and over..look out. But at the end of the day if anything is taken personal then the chefs message have been wrongly delivered. We are all working in a kitchen working as a team towards the same goal…great food and a pain free service with happy customers as a end result…for the younger cooks the evening usually ends with more than a few cold ones at the local. For the older chefs the plan to do it all.over again is already on your mind for the next days service …place th  orders for product for the next day and then slowly make it home,program the coffee maker for 430 am so the day can start properly . A chefs fuel is coffee!


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