The idea

The idea to create something can be the most satisfying feeling or the most painfully excruciating feeling and emotion . Many times thru out the day I get asked to create something or I get told an idea that would be fun to do or I get presented with an idea that would be just great. These ideas come from young cooks that have some of the most hair brained ideas that they themselves have probably worked ,in their mind, very very hard on…but in reality is not good at all ..such as wanting to do a meat special while working in a seafood restaurant with emphasis on seafood. Yeas that has happened to me. Not a good idea…kinda funny now that I think about it but the poor cook did not appreciate my comment that consisted of just one big word NO. The idea that armchair chefs sometimes come up with and in my environment that would be someone from front of house or in sales that think it would be a good idea to on a five minute notice make 25 specials with all sorts of ingredients that I don’t even have or have never heard of but i really should have these ingredients since it was on a great cooking show last night,”why can’t you do it”,the blank stare and ensuing rage gave this person the answer they were seeking a big NO…yes this has happened to me to and not surprisingly I might add. Or  the Idea that it would be good for business to seat a three top after  the front doors have been closed and all the cooks gone home and then ask me if it is ok for them to order food..I looked out in the restaurant and said actually this is a great idea…turns out it was Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart from Eurythmics, now that was a great idea!!. Yeah I can deny I was a bit starstruck by that idea. Many other ideas that I have had have gone down the drain as well but that is only to be expected sometimes it is just a bad idea. Like the time when I worked late Saturday night went out with my friends and closed down a bar and had to be back at work the following day at 6 am …that was not a good idea at all. The idea of becoming a professional chef  now that was an awesome idea and one I will not regret because no matter how long you work in a kitchen the idea to create something new and exciting will always be with you and the inspiration you get from coworkers  to follow thru only makes it a better idea. The idea to do something to push your self to new heights new limits is an idea the will always be good. The inspiration and ideas that you feel when either walking in to a cooler and fresh fish has just been delivered along with the freshest produce there is and is at the peak of the season..that hard not to get inspired by. Inspiration comes from sometimes the most random and awkward places and pen and paper is a must or nowadays a smartphone so you can write down your wonderful idea that will make you a superstar …now thats a good idea.

While working my mind never stops can i make this better,faster,leaner and cleaner amongst many things and thoughts that stream to my idea filled brain. In order to get ideas to function as well as they do in my mind it takes time and effort and thankfully i am surrounded by cooks and chefs who serve as my ball plank. Sometimes we just had a good laugh and say “good one” but sometimes the idea is just worth pursuing. The end result is usually still a work in progress but the satisfaction that comes with seeing the idea come to fruition is immensely satisfying and knowing it was my idea….priceless!


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