Bring back the classics..

Yes I am a fan of the classic food. But not to old school but you know foods like meatloaf and chicken pot pie. Those are just awesome and not overly complicated to make. Heck I even make them at home albeit not very frequently but I still do…just don’t ask my wife how often!.
Me and my chef at work a while back was talking about standardizing specials and creating more consistency for our guests and so the topic turned to creating or rather bringing back the old classics American diner menu items such as meat loaf ,half grilled chicken, minute steaks, crab cakes ,to name a few. Time moves on life moves on but some of these classics have stayed the same for a very very long time..if it ain’t broke why fix it but you can change some things in the recipe and condiments right?. These fishes are some that will bring back memories of growing up and the family gathering around the dinner table and eating together..and for some it will just be great tasty awesome food.
Having pitched the idea at work to my executive chef and F&B director ,no less, we decided to make and standardize the great American Classic blue plate. How awesome is that?. And actually using blue plates only for these dishes.
During this week I will make the food with my coworkers and post pictures and create some buzz around town that hey we got some really awesome tasty food. Not complicated food,not pretentious food not fusion food just really great tasting food that you could make at home, Just not as good as what we will make it, of course, because that is the reason you will come to see us for lunch!!
So keep with me and stay with me as I welcome the challenge of a new fresh old classic making a grand entrance at my restaurant in Dallas. I welcome the challenge and hope you will to and I promise to keep all of you up to date and who knows how far this will go.
So here goes…..


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