Roasted fall vegetable sandwich with melted brie,cranberry chutney, arugula and aged gouda salad

The fall is some peoples favorite time of the year,not me I love the summer the long days the warm beautiful weather …but still some people and in particular chefs really love the fall because of the abundance of produce that becomes available that is locally grown and sourced. It is true that you can have chocolate dipped strawberries for christmas with the cold winter wind howling and snow flowing around but how good can they taste? not all that good if you ask me and yes you can have the most fresh and good looking new spring potato at thanks giving but really ,we have to ask, how good can they really be. As much I don’t like squashes and pumpkins ,yikes, they are at their peak in the fall and so are many other beautiful vegetables.Thankfully. The best parsnips,turnips,celery roots and apples are so much better when used in the fall vs an picked unripe ripened on the boat or truck then stored apple in the spring sort of kinda . You get my drift. So this time I wanted to show you my latest creation . An open faced sandwich with roasted fall vegetables melted brie, cranberry chutney and a small salad with arugula and aged gouda.

Start by procuring some butternut squash , if thats what you like, turnips, parsnips, carrots, red onions and my favorite rutabaga. A freshly baked foccacia bread. Some  fresh cranberries and a good brie cheese. Start with the cranberries by cooking them in some orange juice with brown sugar, ginger,cinnamon stick and orange zest added. Cook them until soft,that should not take any longer than 10 minutes or so. If you have to much liquid. Simply strain the liquid off and reduce it until thick and then pour it over the soft cranberries until you have thick spreadable chutney.

Slice your washed peeled vegetables in equally thick slices and season them with a good olive oil and roast them in a 350f degree oven. For best results season them separately using only salt and pepper, as an onion will roast much faster than lets say a rutabaga. Once they have all been roasted to crunchy perfection. Grab your foccacia bread and toast it in a pan with some butter. Turn it over and on the toasted side place your still warm roasted vegetables and top it off with a few slices of brie. If you are like me and really love cheese you will put that little bit extra cheese on it!! Why not cheese is so good when melted since it not only transforms in texture but oh my god the taste ….now that we have the bread toasted and loaded with awesome seasonal vegetables and an awesome cheese , turn you oven to broil so you can get some extreme heat to melt the cheese. Only for a few minutes. Remove from the oven and top it of with a some arugula tossed in lemon juice ,seasoned with salt and pepper and mix in some aged gouda cheese. Gently place the sandwich on your plate sit down and eat the best of the best in the best season. As you bite in to the sandwich you get taste sensations oneImage stronger than the other,it all comes together with the melted brie and cranberry chutney. Simplistic elegance on a simple premise of only using what is the best in the best season ,according to some, has been achieved and bragging rights on knowing what to buy and when ….thank me later.


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