Sweet potato for thanksgiving..yes please! Sweet potato for thanks giving….pumpkin free thanksgiving!

I could start this blog with explaining the health benefits of the humble delicious sweet potato and probably should but since this recipe is for thanks giving ,eating healthy kinda goes out the window. But yes the sweet potato is very good to eat for you..and it it also delicious cooked with butter.Since this is the weeks leading up to thanksgiving there will be an enormous amount of recipes tricks and ideas for the best for that last thursday in November. Of course the turkey will take center stage and along side an abundance of traditional sides and of course the dreaded pumpkin…yikes. I know I am not making friends by not liking the pumpkin but that is just me. I have long declared my house a pumpkin and gourd free zone…that will never change.

So I have made the sweet potato something to console my american family with and kinda getaway with it …But I don’t smoother it with marshmallows or make a pie out of it. No I prefer to do the opposite and keep it more on the savory side with goat cheese and caramelized onions.

Start with peeling two onions and caramelize them in a thick bottomed pot with butter.Cook them low and slow while stirring occasionally. Get some goat cheese out from the fridge and let it go to room temp. Peel four sweet potato and dice them bit sized. Melt some butter in a pot and before the butter browns add the diced sweet potatoes. Cook them slowly and season with salt and pepper. Cook them until soft and almost falling apart. Fold the dark brown, not burnt, caramelized onion in with the sweet potatoes than you fold in the room temperature goat cheese in pieces. Adjust the seasoning and serve immediately . This side dish is sure to satisfy everyone around the thanksgiving table. It sure is popular at my thanksgiving table. My guests will excuse them selves and sneak in some pumpkin pie or equivalent “without me knowing” …but thats ok as long as I don’t have to handle the darn gourd thing.


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