Check it out!

A really cool thing about blogging and writing on the web is the reach I can have.
I just recently had my second recipe published on a site called in Sweden
. This site has over 50000 visitors a month …the more the better. So you might think why would I visit a site in Sweden and in Swedish. The answer is twofold…one, because it is an awesome site with recipes published by some of the best chefs in Sweden ,Michelin starred chefs and culinary Olympic team gold winners. These chefs have been a huge part in creating the Scandinavian food wonder …two..simply just because you really should( not ashamed to say because I am on there as well). So help me with driving web traffic to this site and support me in my quest for internet success . The page can easily be translated by google translate on the page. My recipes are on the top left. Now go on ..hurry.. Check it out!


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