Brussel sprouts

Brussels sprouts..the vegetable ingrained in us to not like since childhood. I like it, I like its versatility ,its earthy amazingly complex flavor that blend so well with bacon..who would have thought. Whomever decided a long time ago in a kitchen far far away to cook some bacon and add brussels sprouts deserves a medal. To me this is one of the simplest things to make and the one that gets the most applause. I choose the fine firm brussels sprouts and cut the core out, cut them in half. Cut some applewood smoked bacon in hearty thick lardons and let them render on low heat until almost crispy and there is a lot of grease in the bottom of your pan. Place the brussels sprouts in the same pan with the bacon and turn the heat way down and let the brussels sprouts create some magic in your pot over at the course of the next 25 -30 minutes. They should turn a nice dark golden color and soft but not to soft cause then they have become what all kids big and small really don’t like …..OVERCOOKED!!!. Over cooked brussles sprouts are somewhat akin to eating wet greasy soggy paper that has some bacon flavor added…don’t try that at home either!.
However since you cooked them perfectly go ahead and serve them with almost anything, your Sunday roast,roasted chicken, grilled fish… the options are endless. Simplicity and desire for more Brussels sprouts have now been me on this I know and so does my guests.


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