grilled salmon cutlet with roasted butternut squash and green apple fennel slaw


Now that fall is upon us we will inundated with butternut squashes,gourds,pumpkins and root vegetables. But most of all we will celebrate the pumpkin..not so sure why as it is not something I would want to celebrate at all. Never have been a fan of butternut squash either and will never understand the obsession bordering on fanatical celebrations of these god awful veggies. I know I will not make my self very popular by saying this…but I really really don’t like them period!!!
However what I think is right or wrong has no bearing on what my customer wants so I bow my head in surrender and try to please my customers with this dish that I think has some elements that would appeal to our gourd fanatics out there.
I start with simply cutting the salmon straight down and leaving the skin on and removing as many pin bones as possible. Get some nice grill marks on it. I peel and cut the butternut squash in fairly large cubes and slowly pan roasting them in nut brown butter . I shave my favorite vegetable bar none, fennel, paper thin and the same with the green apple toss them with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice and salt and pepper. To assemble I place the cooked butternut squash on the bottom of the plate ,place the salmon on top and neatly add the slaw and decorate with lemon wedge and dill. Simplicity achieved and hopefully a satisfaction to gourd lovers where ever you might be.


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