Crab louis in a jar..

You might have noticed I have this fascination with small servings in a mason jar..not so sure why but I really like it. It just looks beautiful and it presents it self very well. I really like it when I get to present these little food gems to my guests and hear their oohhs and ahhhhs and to see their look of fascination on their faces. Just proves that a little bit goes a long way.

This is my version of carb Luis and this might be one of our new menu items for the fall /winter menus .Crab Luis is real simple to make. Crab meat with scallions,mayo a dash of ketchup, salt pepper and green bell pepper really fine dice, a squeeze of lemon juice hard boiled eggs finely diced. Garnish with dill. Sounds simple enough right? Actually it is.

I don’t write recipes but rather just publishing the pictures of what it is . The reason for this is simple. I just don’t want to publish recipes because it tends to become less interesting and intriguing with a recipe a mile long with terminology and ingredients that is hard to find and may only be suitable for professional restaurant setting. One of my pet peeves are just that, recipes that are to long and to complex for the average home cook to read and understand once interest is lost all is lost. Also we as chefs like to show off our culinary know how and skills in a setting where it just to much for the average home cook to understand once again. A recipe studded with exotic ingredients and terminology will be a futile effort to sound like a pro and will be lost in translation from professional setting to home setting.

That is one thing I have learnt while walking to floor i the restaurant and speaking with my guests is that the simpler I keep my food ,the more honest I keep it and the more understandable it is the happier my guests are.


3 thoughts on “Crab louis in a jar..

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  2. Klaus aus der Kuche

    Jan, look up the history of the Crab Louis, created by Louis Davenport in Spokane, WA. at the Davenport Hotel,way back in the day.


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