What a dish! this little slider almost blew my socks off. It is a duck confit with orange gastrique,green apple jicama and pecan slaw…whats not to like. I was talking with one of my cooks who was really interested in cooking duck confit as he had never done that.I am not likely to back down from teaching someone about the labour of love that is duck confit. So we rubbed it down with kosher salt and orange zest. Let it sit over night and then we cooked it low and slow in fat for almost 6 hrs.Talk about falling off the bone. We then decided that since it is fall and apples are bountiful and in season lets julienne some of that and since we are in Texas add some southwestern flair by mixing jicama and pecans in. To assemble it we toasted some freshly baked brioche buns heated our duckconfit slowly with orange gastrique,seasoned our slaw with salt and pepper….well look at the picture and the end result you see. To me something that will find its way onto a menu somewhere in the near future…oh yes it will!


3 thoughts on “duck confit slider

  1. Klaus as der Kuche

    Jan, don’t forget a little juniper berry, coriander seed and just a touch of fennel for your duck confit. Extra tasty, throw in a little dried lavender for a Provencal twist.

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