Grilled shrimp,scallop and crab chorizo grits

A Swede and I did it my way

Grilled shrimp,scallop and crab chorizo grits

So this time I am back with this gorgeous little entree dish I made yesterday at my restaurant. This dish consists of Grilled shrimp, A crisp seared scallop wilted spinach and crab and chorizo grits.
In this dish you get so much seafood ,you could call it a seafood bonanza!.
It is a very simply composed dish with some very exciting elements in it. You get the charred smoky flavor from the shrimp,the sweet crunch of the seared scallop,the slight bitterness of the spinach, and the creamy slightly spicy crab chorizo grits. It is a true delight to eat this dish !!
I am not trying to reinvent the wheel or create culinary master competition dishes with what I do…I simply love cooking great tasting looking food.Nothing wrong with that. I think sometimes food gets over thought and pushed in so many directions we forgot what we intended to do…

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