Pork belly,watermelon shaved fennel

This is an appetizer dish I made at the height of the Texas summer.It was very refreshing and a visually very pretty and delicate looking dish.
This dish is …Crisp pork belly with compressed water melon and shaved fennel with honey lime vinaigrette.
I had seen other chefs use the watermelon this way and was curious as to what it would taste like .It tasted more watermelon and more intense in flavor,but what I really liked was the color that watermelon got. Intense deep red . I love the combination of watermelon and fennel..always have liked fennel.
I like to just shave the fennel super thin on my japanese mandolin as that will make the fennel more user friendly for salads such as this one. I like to cook the pork belly after it has been cured for about 6 hours in a 250F oven ,nice and slow. I think that “cooking it slow and low is the way to go” ,that sounds corny but it is so true. There are so much more of the belly left once cooked and the risk of overcooking it is minimized.
This was one of my best looking dishes from this summer 2013. I now look forward to share my fall and winter dishes with you.


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