Pan seared red fish..

I like to work with fish and seafood in general. I think that anyone can cook a piece of meat but to cook a piece of fish to perfection requires some skills..a lot of skills actually. To cook a piece of fish it has to be opaque in the center once cooked in order to be nice and moist and tasty. Season well with salt and can’t go wrong…no wait you can. If you over cook your fish. Thats a fail. Over season that is also a fail. Fish is one of those where you have to cook by feeling as well. Do it often enough and you know when it is done!! As a chef having done this many many times it comes naturally but it was not easy at first..if it was where would the fun be?! When you are ready to cook your fish make sure your pan is hot ,not smoking hot, season your fish and place it in the pan with some olive oil belly side down first .. Cook ,depending on size, at least 4 minutes either side if not longer ,it all depends on how thick your piece of fish is. Turn it over and continue to cook for at least another four minutes. It should have an internal temp of 140f. if it is a thinner piece of fish like a sole or similar ,once both sides are nice and golden brown it is done. Now just practice practice practice.
This particular dish I have for you today is Pan seared red fish with a wild rice and Farro salad with wilted brussels sprout leaves and a grilled lemon. I think to add more it becomes to complicated and the redfish just becomes one ingredient of many on the plate . I have opted to not add a sauce since the salad is nice and moist as well as the fish. This was one of my special dishes i made a few weeks back but will make again since it is truly a nice warm fall/wintery dish! I hope you would agree.


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