French toast Lagniappe

One thing that is very important in any successful restaurant is the Chefs ability to show off more of who we are and why we are the best. One way we have figured this out is by visiting tables in full chef regalia with a sample of something else we offer on our menu. It is very important that these laganippes or “VIP tasters ” are fairly quick to produce and presented in a different way. I love making these!! To think outside of the box and to deliver these items to our guests is really truly satisfying.
This is an example of what I do that is quick to produce and looks amazing . This is our french toast with whipped butter and maple syrup. The french toast has been made the classic way but with a twist …we dip them in a vanilla scented batter and then coat them with corn flakes..kinda like to breakfast items in one! It makes for a truly crunchy and different looking and tasting french toast. Truly a treat. But cooking it nice and golden brown is only half the battle …it has to be presented nicely as well. This is where thinking outside of the box really matters …I like to use mason jars of various sizes and boards of some sort. they dont have to look the same as that adds on to the charm of it all. I ike it…hope you do to!


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