Nothing lasts forever so live it up
Drink it down
Laugh it off
Avoid the drama
Take chances
And never have regrets because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted..

I have always wanted to write a blog about ..I don’t know everything that is interesting to me. So here goes…….

I love working as a chef in the united states..been here for 13 years and have no regrets and as have lived my life according to the qoute up top on this page.

I have no regrets I have laughed a lot tried to avoid drama ,now thats not an easy one,taken chances and drank a lot. i have met some amazing people while doing all this and some have faded away and some are with me in my heart wherever I may go. Funny how that goes meet and perhaps work with an individual for just a brief moment but you remain friends for life..yeah i have a lot of those friends.Life has taught me a lot and it has never stopped and thats really cool. Sometimes I take a qoute and make it my when i landed in the United States for the very first time “one small step for Jan giant leap for Jan” because that truly was a great achievement for me.It was a promise i made to myself years prior that had come full circle at that exact moment,it is hard to describe that particular feeling but i am sure you all have had something similar happen with a euphoric feeling all the way.almost mind numbing.

Like I said earlier i am working as a chef in Dallas Texas at one of the premier Hotels in the city. I am given everyday an oppurtunity to create daily specials with some of the most awesome products around  ,whats not to like and love about that. I have twitter account and Facebook account and instagram account for all to see my specials but with this blog i wanted to create something more ,something more me something  that will share my thoughts and love for what i do in my own way in my own time.I will post pictures of my daily life of food and more,of the people i work with daily .I will write with a lof irony and sarcasm and hopefully with a lot of humor.


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